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  • Sep 30, 2020

We Launched the Circular Economy Solutions Series

September 29, 2020

We launched the new Circular Economy Solutions Series at the World Circular Economy Forum online.

Presented by the Circular Economy Leadership Coalition, and powered by GLOBE Series, the Circular Economy Solution Series is where Canadian leaders from industry, government, finance, academia, and NGOs accelerate the transition to a circular economy and capitalize on the trillion-dollar opportunity.

Join us to advance breakthrough solutions and initiatives that can be used as a model in Canada and beyond. The Circular Economy Solutions Series is an important stepping stone on the road to the World Circular Economy Forum, which Canada will host September 13–15, 2021, in Toronto.


Covering a diverse range of topics, the series is designed to generate action and outcomes via virtual dialogues, webinars, breakout discussions, roundtables, workshops, online surveys, and curated matchmaking. The program will cover circularity in all parts of the economy, including chemicals, bioeconomy, extractive industries, consumer products, finance, technology and innovation, cities and the built environment.


  • Circular economy value propositions for Canada and North America
  • Growing market demand for circular products and services
  • Circular economy business models
  • Supply chain resiliency and circularity
  • Improving cross-sector collaboration and breaking down silos
  • Greenhouse gas emission reduction benefits from the circular economy
  • Circular education, training, and workforce development
  • The role of government and the necessary changes to policy
  • Food systems and agricultural resources
  • Workforce and education


We want to work with you to advance the circular economy solutions that are critical to Canada and North America. Join the dialogue and help us identify themes, tracks, topics, and formats. Please contact Paul Shorthouse with your ideas and suggestions.

Visit the Circular Economy Solutions Series for upcoming topics and activities, as well as information about the first two events of the series.