• Report
  • Dec 5, 2021

Mining for Circularity: Five Strategic Insights

On September 15th 2021, 150 people from 30 countries convened to engage in dialogue to advance our understanding of mining and metals in the circular economy.

The cohort represented public, private and civil society perspectives sharing the approaches, policies and practices both emerging or required for metals and minerals in an increasingly circular, materially intensive global economy.

This global dialogue was an accelerator session of the World Circular Economy Forum 2021 (WCEF2021) hosted by the Canadian Government and the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. The annual WCEF presents the world’s leading circular economy solutions with participation from business leaders, policymakers and experts around the world.

This session was designed to interrogate the circular economy from different vantages along the mining and metals value chain with the intent to garner key insights and perspectives from all participants.