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  • Oct 12, 2023

Looped In: October 2023

Updates from Paul Shorthouse, CELC’s Managing Director

October is Circular Economy Month, a month dedicated to educating and empowering Canadians to support an economy that protects the planet and prioritizes people.

Building awareness is essential to facilitating the circular economy in Canada – and core to Circular Economy Month. Furthermore, due to its broad nature and the need for taking a systems approach, the circular economy requires cooperation, partnerships, and coordination across sectors and at all levels of society.

Collaboration was flagged consistently at the Canadian Circular Economy Summit this past June as one of the most important enablers. One session in particular on ‘scaling innovation’ showcased specific examples of where ecosystem approaches built on unique collaborative models were resulting in accelerated action to advance a circular economy in Canada.

Representatives from community-driven, place-based circular economy initiatives – including accelerator hubs, living labs, and regional clusters – discussed the keys to successful collaboration, which include:

  • Developing flexible frameworks to allow for creative solutions to come forward;
  • Facilitating opportunities to take learnings from pilots and projects in one sector and apply them to others;
  • Having good information and data to inform strategic priorities;
  • Identifying ecosystem synergies;
  • Securing funding for launching community projects and living lab models;
  • Measuring and demonstrating impact for environmental, economic, and social benefits; and
  • Supporting Indigenous and community-led projects and engagement, with a focus on action.


We invite you to lean in during Circular Economy Month, learn more about how circular strategies can bring benefits and new value to you and your organization, and explore new partnerships and collaboration opportunities that can accelerate circular economy efforts in Canada.


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