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  • Nov 8, 2023

Looped In: November 2023

Updates from Paul Shorthouse, CELC’s Managing Director

Creating a resilient and prosperous economy for Canada that also supports environmental rejuvenation and social equity will require a coordinated national effort across all ecosystem actors.

CELC has been working to advance the circular economy in Canada at a national level by focusing on a number of critical enablers, including supportive policy, launching new collaboration and knowledge sharing platforms, engaging with the finance sector, identifying and addressing infrastructure gaps, and improving access to information, data, and standards.

We have taken several important steps towards this objective over the past couple of months. CELC led a scoping study in 2022-23, in collaboration with Smart Prosperity Institute (SPI), on ‘Advancing a Circular Economy Approach for Canada’ that supports ongoing conversations with respect to catalyzing a ‘made-in-Canada’ approach to advancing the circular economy.

To cap off Circular Economy Month last week, we released the Circular Economy Action Plan for Canada, developed in collaboration with Circular Innovation Council. This CE Action Plan is an output from the 2023 Canadian Circular Economy Summit and provides an implementation framework and ‘working blueprint’ for advancing and enabling the circular economy transition in Canada, offering ‘on ramps’ for stakeholders to participate in its implementation.

The CE Action Plan is organized under five key enablers, which include a number of longer-term (10-year) outcome statements and 30 more specific near-term priority actions for each.


We encourage you to get involved and join us in our mission to advance a net-zero, nature-positive Canada, supporting economic prosperity and the well-being of Canadians today and for future generations.

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