L’alimentation en énergie de l’économie circulaire

Date: Date:
Heure: 10 AM – 11 AM  Pacific
Lieu: En ligne
Coût: Gratuit, ouvert au public avec une limite de 500 personnes

Description de la session: 

One of the great assumptions about the future circular economy is that it will be Net Zero.  However, for this to happen, every component of supply chains must meet this criteria. Presently, the world is facing a great challenge of decarbonizing heavy haul transportation and high heat industrial processes. Our hypothesis for this session: Blue Hydrogen is a viable solution to power long haul transportation and high heat industrial processes for North America’s emerging Circular Economy. 


  • David Layzell, Transition Accelerator
  • Grant Strem, Proton Technologies
  • Greg Caldwell, Atco
  • Brian Jamieson, ArcelorMittal
  • Marcel Pouliot, IQ Trucking


  • Sarah Brooks, The Natural Step Canada, CELC
  • Stephanie Cairns, Smart Prosperity Institute, CELC

Format de l'événement:

The format for exploring this topic will be an interactive 60 minute online panel session in webinar format, with contributions from 5 individuals representing the key aspects of the value chain. The moderator will be a recognized expert in the circular economy and will keep the audience engaged by providing thoughtful questions to the panel, provoking conversation between panelists and utilizing polling and Q&A features.

Il s'agit d'un événement parallèle et officiel du Forum mondial de l'économie circulaire en ligne (WCEFonline), organisé par le Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra et ses partenaires.