• May 27, 2021

Accelerating a Circular Built Environment in Canada

Construction is one of the most important economic sectors in Canada, generating $141 billion in GDP in 2020. Simultaneously, Canada’s construction sector generates more than 4 million tonnes of waste per year – with much of the value from these waste materials and resources currently being lost from Canada’s economy at end of life. This event will be a solutions-oriented, interactive, virtual workshop that will explore the evolving ‘business case’ for industry action, as well as work to better define the opportunities for companies and other stakeholders while growing the awareness more broadly.

This 2-hour World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF2021) Side Event was hosted by Circular Economy Leadership Canada as part of the Circular Economy Solutions Series, powered by GLOBE Series. The workshop began with 5 context-setting presentations, followed by 45-minute breakout discussions to dive deeper into the topic of circular built environment.