• Virtual
  • Jun 18, 2024

Mobilizing Circularity in Canada’s Built Environment: From Concept to Best Practice

Tuesday, June 18th, 2024 | 10am-11:15am PT / 1pm-2:15pm ET

Organizers: Circular Economy Leadership Canada and CSA Group

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Circular Economy Leadership Canada (CELC) and CSA Group co-hosted a free public webinar on mobilizing circularity in Canada’s built environment and construction sector, with a focus on advancing a national plan for action. 


A circular built environment (CBE) involves three core elements: the adaptive reuse of existing buildings, the adaptive design of new buildings, and the reuse of materials. These elements help future-proof the built environment, as it can adapt to changes in business and user needs, create more affordable and cost-effective infrastructure when materials stay in use for longer, and contribute to a more resilient and sustainable natural environment by keeping materials out of landfills and due to the need to extract fewer resources. 

Mobilizing circularity within the built environment has been challenging to date given the current linear model upon which it has evolved, a model that is deeply embedded within existing industry supply chains, construction techniques, and mindsets.  To shift the construction industry, it will be essential to consider the perspectives of all the system actors, build greater awareness around the opportunities, remove frictions, demonstrate successes and viability, then replicate and scale.

This 75 minute webinar shared the outputs from a multi-phased project led by Circular Economy Leadership Canada (CELC) and CSA Group, in collaboration with industry and government partners, to advance the CBE in Canada. The project involved:

  • A review of the current state, gaps and opportunities in Canada (see Phase 1 Report)
  • Developing a strategic framework for future action (see Phase 2 Report)


Webinar Objectives:

  1. Share insights on the current state of circularity within Canada’s built environment, including the supportive policies, standards, and important gaps.
  2. Discuss the big moves and critical actions required for mobilizing change to a more circular built environment in Canada.
  3. Highlight some of the current efforts being undertaken to advance a CBE in Canada, and discuss what comes next.



  • Paul Shorthouse, Managing Director, Circular Economy Leadership Canada
  • Dwayne Torrey, Director, Construction and Infrastructure Standards, CSA Group


  • Helen Goodland, Head of Research and Innovation, SCIUS Advisory
  • Tima Bansal, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Business Sustainability, Innovation North
  • Elizabeth Miller, Postdoctoral Associate, Innovation North

Expert Panel

  • Robert Raynor, Net-Zero Coordinator, TAS
  • Leila Ahmadi, Sustainability Consultant and Research Officer, National Research Council Canada
  • Gil Yaron,
  • Ivica Karas, Strategic Initiatives Manager for Construction and Infrastructure Standards, CSA Group