• Sep 29, 2022

Advancing a Circular Economy Strategy for Canada

Date / Time: September 29, 2022, 3:00-4:30pm Pacific Time (90 minutes)

Location: Vancouver Convention Centre (VCC)

Organizers: Circular Economy Leadership Canada & Smart Prosperity Institute


Canada is a unique country – rich in resources, low in population density, and diverse in geography and cultures. Likewise, Canada needs a unique approach to advancing its circular economy. What considerations and form should a circular economy strategy for Canada’s take (e.g., a roadmap, an action plan, a lens over existing strategies)? Who should own it and how should it be best implemented and/or integrated alongside existing government and/or sector strategies and plans?

Participants were able to provide their feedback on these questions and helped shape Canada’s path to a circular economy as part of this 90 minute, in-person workshop which took place September 29, 2022, on Day two of the Zero Waste Conference in Vancouver. The workshop was organized and co-hosted by CELC and Smart Prosperity Institute.

Session Outcomes:

  • Shared preliminary findings from current research on circular economy strategies and best practice approaches.
  • Explored ‘success’ factors for Canada, including governance model considerations.
  • Collected input from a diversity of key stakeholders on the design of a possible circular economy strategy or framework for Canada.
  • Identified important next steps and key partnerships that could help to advance a national circular economy strategy.