• Our Approach
  • Jan 14, 2024

Advancing critical enablers for circular economy

CELC is working to advance the critical enablers that will support circular economy transitions in all sectors and for all material streams across Canada, from plastics, to textiles, manufacturing, and more.  We do this by focusing on areas that include:

  • Information and knowledge sharing, including improving access to information and data for business and policy-making, aggregating and sharing success stories and case studies, and demonstrating how circular strategies can support other priorities including supply chain and community resilience, productivity improvements, affordability, and climate action.
  • Supportive policy, including advocating for supportive policy and launching a ‘policy incubator’ that is bringing together all levels of government across Canada to advance a national approach to circular economy, increase collaboration, and enhance policy harmonization.
  • Finance and investment, including addressing finance and investor risks and infrastructure gaps to support capital flows and investments that support circular economy business and activities.