2021/09/15 | Making the Business Case for Advancing a Circular Built Environment

  • Date: September 15, 2021
  • Time: 7am-8:30am PT / 10am-11:30am ET
  • Registration: Registration information coming soon
  • Hosts: This WCEF2021 Accelerator event will be hosted by Circular Economy Leadership Canada (CELC), World Business Council for Sustainable Development, One Planet Network, Government of Finland, and Natural Resources Canada.


It is estimated that approximately half of all extracted raw resources are used to make construction materials, with 11% of global energy-related GHG emissions being attributed to the construction industry. Simultaneously, nearly 40% of urban solid waste comes from construction and demolition. By 2025, it is expected that 2.2 billion tonnes of construction waste will be generated around the world (nearly double the amount of waste in 2018).

Not only is the linear model of ‘take, make, and waste’ harmful to the environment, it presents enormous lost business opportunities. But how do we make the business case for a more circular built environment? What are the policy, investment, and market levers that can help get us there?  How can these efforts further support global goals for net zero, address ecological degradation, and create new economic opportunities and decent jobs?

This WCEF2021 Accelerator event will focus on the business case for advancing circular innovation and strategies within the built environment and construction sector globally, building on a new report by WBCSD, the work by One Planet Network, and the CE Solutions Series Built Environment work stream. The session will also explore alignment with and linkages between material use and consumption and global sustainability goals and indicators.

Who Should Attend? This is a public event, but this session will be targeted to an audience of building developers and owners, investors, municipal and government leaders, policymakers, private industry, research and development, and technology firms.