Circular Plastics

This work stream features a series of thought-provoking and action-oriented virtual events focused on creating a zero waste plastics circular economy for Canada.

The track builds on a webinar in November 2020 and a highly interactive workshop in February 2021 on the ‘solution pathways’, and is focused on:

  • Linking with the work of the Canada Plastics Pact, including road-mapping work and broader public engagement and awareness building, including considerations for product design, materials circularity, and policies and standards.
  • Featuring preeminent experts from business, academia, government, and civil society, coming together in rigorous discussions that break down silos, identify barriers, and focus on outcomes.

Previous Event Recordings

Publications, Blogs & Articles

  • Solutions Pathways for Circular Plastics in Canada: Workshop Summary Report (author: CELC). Read the Report (EN)
  • Atelier sur les solutions pour les plastiques circulaires au Canada (author: CELC). Lire le rapport (FR)
  • Upstream Innovation: a guide to packaging solutions (author: Ellen MacArthur Foundation). Read the report
  • A Roadmap to Support the Circularity and Recycling of Plastics in Canada – Technical Standards, Regulations and Research (author: CSA Group). Read the Report
  • Breaking the Plastic Wave (author: Pew Charitable Trusts and SystemIQ). Read the Report
  • Economic Study of the Canadian Plastic Industry, Markets and Waste (author: Environment and Climate Change Canada). Read the Report
  • With COVID-19, the Need for a Circular Economy is Clearer than Ever (author: Ben Clark, The Delphi Group). Read the blog
  • Circular Economy Global Sector Best Practices Series: Plastics Sector Chapter (author: SPI). Read the Report

Partners & Sponsors

  • Canada Plastics Pact and members
  • Chemistry Industry Association of Canada

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